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Celebrities have a lot of power in what we believe and see. They are the people, in my opinion, who have majority of the voice socially in our everyday lives. Whether it be speaking out on a television show, or talking on a blog. Although this is through different media outlets, the celebrities themselves speak out on issues that affect certain social groups.

Gay rights are an issue that they speak out about a fair bit. It’s an issue that many celebrities feel they need to speak out on as they see the way the gay community is treated, and their lack of rights compared to straight individuals.

One of the celebrities that have spoken out about gay marriage is Miley Cyrus. She caused controversy after she had an equal sign tattooed on her ring finger and posted it on twitter with the phrase “All love is equal”. Many of her fans sent her hate mail saying she’s going against God and the bible. But she stood for what she believed in and fought back.

Ellen DeGeneres’s is a strong advocate for gay rights, and especially the acceptance of gay marriage. Being a married lesbian woman her self, she speaks out regularly about gay rights and all the ongoing issues that go along with it. She stands up for the gay community, and the people whom feel they can’t stand up for themselves, and the people whom don’t have the means in terms of media.

Many political parties are against gay marriage. We hear of politicians speaking out on the issue all the time. One politician that is anti gay marriage is American politician John McCain. He is known to be against the issue and isn’t afraid to speak out about he’s beliefs on how a marriage should be between a man and a woman only.

In 2008, on DeGeneres’s talk show, Mr. McCain agreed to be a guest. The conversation was immediately put onto the subject of gay marriage. DeGeneres voiced her opinion and told McCain on her plans on marrying her girlfriend of almost 4 years at the time.
In the interview you could see that the politician seemed quite annoyed at some of the things the talk show host was putting out in the open. This interview showcased two powerful voices in the media, talking with two different views on the same issue.

Celebrities have the power to voice opinions that normal individuals can’t. Not only can they use their power to bring up issues that are happening, and their opinion on them, they can also challenge the different media, and its personalities. It is through these people that influences on issues like gay rights are bought up and changed through voice alone.