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Many things cause controversy in the media and entertainment industry. One of those “controversial” issues is gay and lesbian rights. Throughout the years there have been various amounts of different ideas, opinions and beliefs on this issue and it is with these different beliefs that confusion, acceptance, hate, support and disapproval are mixed in all together.

The media has the power to portray the issue however it likes. It’s safe to say that the Media, in the past, has had very negative and homophobic views on gay and lesbian rights.

As I was browsing YouTube, I found the channel of a group of gay, lesbian, bi and transgender individuals that voiced their opinion on the issue, and made a very powerful video of how the issue has been seen in the eyes of the media and how it is evolving. The video is shown below.

After watching this video I took some time to think about what is really occurring in the media, and how this affects not only the gay community but also how it affects the straight community. Do we really want these industries of media talking for the larger community? Do we want future generations to see these opinions and think it’s okay? Or do we want a world where we can all live together without bias hate? The choice is ours.