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Hey! I’m Becka and this is my blog.
I study at the University Of Wollongong, attempting my luck in a double degree in Communication and Media Studies and Arts, majoring in both Journalism and Sociology.

At first I had no idea what to write about, I have a lot of interests, many of them are wacky and wouldn’t be very useful to read. So I was stuck.
As I got thinking, I thought about all the possible routes I could go. Then finally the idea came. Entertainment.

Entertainment, such as Celebrities, music, television and film, is just one of my many interests, more so how the entertainment industry effects/ has effected past generations, our generation, and also future generations. It is so fascinating to me how a group of people, a television set or even types of music, can make an individual change themselves, tell society what’s right and what’s wrong, buy useless things and second guess their actions.

I love the controversial things, the celebrity gossip, the things that make you want to know more, the things that drag you in, the technology, the things that make you want to change society or shout to the heavens about how perfect it is.

Everyone has a back story. I’m just a curious person by nature and with entertainment, you get a glimpse in the life of someone you admire, someone you loathe, or a band you cherish. You see why someone is how they are, how society has made them, and how the media has shaped them. Because there is no denying that the Media and how we communicate surely has had it’s effect on the person we all are today.

I won’t ramble on for too long, seeing as this is just my very first post. So I’ll just end it by saying that I’m looking forward to adding more to my blog and hopefully you enjoy what I have to say 🙂